EOSource 6.9 release
Posted by hollow - 15/09/15 02:43PM - 4 Comments - 1/52/53/54/55/5
  • Changed that Party and Guild messages are no longer logged on default.
  • Fixed a crash bug caused by using the #update command without the use of arguments.
  • Fixed a bug that caused potions not to be junked when using buff potions, giftboxes etc.
  • Added shrines.ini to data/extras/ which has similar functionality as warps.ini but opens up a dialog instead.
Added (EOSERV r473)
  • Added UseDutyAdmin config option and $duty command for hot character switching for admins
  • Added nointeract system to prevent admins from interacting with the game in certain ways
  • Added unlimitedweight privilege allows admins to carry as many items as they like
  • Added #nowall allows entering warps

15/04/16 01:26AM hey I tried making a server but I got as far as the port but now I cant figure out how to login in to it like theres no file to bring meto the game what do I do? pls text me at 2892764008 or my email.
27/02/16 06:04PM Just an FYI, forum sign-up isn't working.

I'd like to request support for the IsClass or StatLess questrule again or at least another Quest Syntax list, as it seemes to be removed or changed:

" > Validation Error: Unknown rule: statless (State: want)"

05/11/15 09:39AM 21

28/09/15 02:16PM Message Fantastic Job Hollow :D
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