EOSource 6.6 release
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Click here to download it.
[/] Fixed pet HP and TP potions, which didn't work if a pet had either full HP or TP
[/] Fixed pet TP resetting to 0 when players despawn their pet
[/] Fixed a bug where $setname wouldn't transfer the owner's name
[/] Fixed AOE spells cast time being ignored
[/] Fixed partymaps not warping players out
[/] Fixed partymaps showing incorrect messages
[/] Fixed GambleChance not working properly and GambleLimit status message
[+] Added #pet transfer command to sell your pet to a another player (still requires testing)
[+] Added KickTimer for partymaps so people still have time to re-group. (still requires testing)
[+] Added freeze and hide spell in spells.ini (hide is self cast, freeze is not) (still requires testing)
[+] Added PVP event in pvp.ini (still requires testing)
[+] Added the option to open your pet's inventory and despawn it when players click on their pet
[+] Added that the subtype property "Hidden Hair" in editpub now hides hair when equipping that item
[+] Added an option to log private messages (off on default), drops, junk, pickups and trades
[+] Added DisabledCommands in config.ini to list players commands you don't want to use on your server
[+] Client connections are no longer rejected on localhost when reconnecting too fast (
[+] Added option in buffspells.ini and buffitems.ini to remove an active buff
[+] Added exp and drop rate buffs in buffitems.ini and buffspells.ini
[+] Added equipment.ini to add support for rebirth level requirements
[+] Added new quest rules: Class(class), LostClass(class), ResetDaily(arg), DoneDaily(arg), Rolled(arg, arg)
[+] Added new quest actions: GiveSpell(spellid) RemoveSpell(spellid), Roll(arg,arg)
[+] Added support for self and group buffs instead of target-buffs only
[+] Added option to disable target buffs in PK zones
[+] Added options to pets.ini to allow and disallow specific pet abilities such as healing and melee
[+] Added option to enable/disable earthquakes in the devilgate to prevent disconnections and lag
[+] Added a timed effect to buffspells/buffitems configurable in buffspells.ini/buffitems.ini and misc.ini
[+] Added that players in CTF that get hit are now being warped back to the base spawn area
[+] Added poison spells to poison players in PK in poison.ini
[+] Added several improvements from the latest EOSERV revisions
[-] Removed exchange command
[-] Removed $devil command
[-] Removed $ctf command
Note: Devil and CTF are still there but can be started through a timer
[*] Re-organized config files in /config/
[*] Renamed RebornLevel to RebirthLevel
[*] Renamed MaxReborn to MaxRebirth
[*] Changed all names in pets.ini
[*] Pets no longer require index ID 30, though npc type quest is still required (experimental)
[*] The quest box popping up when attempting to equip a member item is now a status message
[*] You can no longer buff people in PK zones other than yourself and your party members
[*] Lowered the earthquake strength in the devil gate to prevent lag and disconnections
[*] $repub is now quiet on default, write $repub announce to announce for people to re-log
[*] $remap now allows you to add/remove new maps without restart [usage: $remap id]
[*] Devil gate closing timer has been set from 5 to 10 seconds
[*] Several EOSourceGUI improvements have been made
[*] Linking to MariaDB concerning

EOSource 6.5 release
Posted by hollow - 07/09/14 05:58AM - 5 Comments - 1/52/53/54/55/5

EOSource 6.5 has been released. Click Here to download it.


[/] Fixed the BoxTitle/BoxMessage in message.ini where the option "Never show again" did nothing
[/] Fixed an issue with dying through spikes, causing you to spawn at the wrong coordinates
[/] Fixed CTF bug where a CTF would never end due to inactivity when a player logs out
[/] Fixed CTF bug where a flag would in certain cases not be removed from your inventory
[/] Fixed CTF bug that used to prevent people from warping out
[/] Fixed a bug in devilgate that used to prevent people from warping out
[/] Fixed a crash bug caused by using $unban and the $sunban command
[/] Fixed a bug where you would get 0 TNL at fishing/mining/woodcutting when switching to combat
[/] Fixed a bug where you wouldn't get the right amount of EXP as member
[/] Fixed a bug where members would get double exp when they're in a party
[/] Fixed bug where people could keep hitting the chest in the event room
[/] Fixed #pet reborn (renamed PetReborn to PetRebirth in commands.ini)
[/] Fixed a dupe bug in AdminTradeProtection when putting something in a chest
[/] Fixed that pets can no longer exceed their maximum HP (e.g 250/100 HP)
[/] Fixed an issue that stopped pets from healing even if they have the right rebirth level
[/] Fixed a bug that showed '0' in your quest book, caused by the NewPlayer achievement
[/] Fixed a crash bug caused by spawning pets using $sn

[+] Added PKItem in config.ini to reward players for killing players
[+] Added $sunjail to silently unjail people
[+] Added unail to the language files
[+] Added buffitems.ini to buff through items instead of spells
[+] Added that you can no longer use the party warp spell on event maps

[*] Modified member items usage in members.ini

EOSource 6.4 release
Posted by hollow - 28/03/14 04:51PM - 8 Comments - 1/52/53/54/55/5

Download link: Click Me

EOSource 6.4 has been released, and it's really recommended to download this version due to the great stability improvement. This version also contains many modifications to files like pets.ini so carefully observe this release before replacing server files!


[+] Added that The devil gate wipes every NPC now once it's closed due to inactivity
[+] Added ExceptID in devilgate.ini to prevent people from warping on specific maps
[+] Added capture the flag system in ctf.ini
       - [+] Added #ctf command in commands.ini
       - [+] Added $ctf oommand in admin.ini
[+] Added new achievement called: NewPlayer
[+] Added new achievement called: ReachRebirth
[+] Added ArenaItem and ArenaWinsItem in config.ini
[+] Added SpellMapExceptions in config.ini to disallow spells on certain maps
[+] Added party global warp that allows a party leader to warp all party members if the spell's UnkP is set to 1 or higher
[+] Added KillMessage in message.ini which will announce a server message after killing a certain npc
[+] Added option in achievements.ini to announce the achievement to all players through a server message
[+] Added a timed message and message timer in message.ini to announce a server message every xx seconds
[+] Added gamble win/lose animations in commands.ini which shows an animation after winning / losing.
[+] Added MaxPetInventoryItems in pets.ini to limit the maximal kind of items a pet can have
[+] Added MaxPetItem in config.ini to limit the maximal amount of each item
[+] Added DefaultMaxTP and ExtraMaxTP in pets.ini so that each pet can have their own unique max TP now.
[+] Added that each pet command can be disabled separately in commands.ini now
[+] Added abillity for pets to attack each other in a PK zone
[+] Added Min and Max reward amount in shaving.ini
[+] Added cursefilter.ini to prevent people from cursing.
[+] Added command scripting call: WorldServerMessage();
[+] Added command scripting call: SetPetLevel();
[+] Added [name], [level], [rebirth] support in command scripting call: ServerMessage to display player name and levels
[+] Added [name], [level], [rebirth] support in command scripting call: WorldServerMessage to display player name and levels
[+] Added [name], [level], [rebirth] support in command scripting call: ShowHint to display player name and levels
[+] Added [name], [level], [rebirth] support in WelcomeMessage and KillMessage in message.ini to display player names and levels
[-] Removed MemberLoginMessage as you can already add login messages in message.ini anyway.
[/] Fixed quest function GivePartyItem();
[/] Fixed quest function GivePartyEXP();
[/] Fixed HP drain that screwed up TP and didn't drain properly.
[/] Fixed ArenaWinsEXP which used to give the ArenaEXP instead
[/] Fixed boost spells where you would keep stats at server crashes
[/] Fixed duplicate message when winning an arena match
[/] Fixed PKRate not working properly with PK Spells
[/] Fixed damage not showing correctly when immune in PK
[/] Fixed that only 1 person can sit on a chair now
[/] Fixed that you can now view achievements with $book / #book
[/] Fixed that players can view their own achievement history
[/] Fixed that you can wear any item with a level requirement if you have reborn
[/] Fixed that regenerating doesn't give twice the amount of what you've set up anymore
[/] Fixed the pet message that said you picked up 1 without displaying the item name
[/] Fixed that a pet's damage will no longer reset after rebirth in PK zones
[/] Fixed that a pet's max TP will no longer reset after rebirth
[/] Fixed pet RebirthLevel requirements which didn't work properly due to a typo.
[/] Fixed fishing/mining/woodcutting/cooking level-up glitch when a pet is spawned.
[/] Fixed a bug where you couldn't get past the quest rule IsLevel if you were reborn and a low level.
[*] Modified that pets no longer need to give the last hit to get exp but take at least 10% of the npc's hp
[*] Modified that buff spells are not self-casting spells anymore but can be casted on a victim
[*] Modified that with AOE spells you don't have to select an enemy anymore, just cast it with a F hotkey
[*] Modified giftbox2.ini, you can now add unlimited items instead of being limited to 3 items
[*] Modified that buffspells are now edited in buffspells.ini to raise the buff stat limit
[*] Modified that if lockerpins are enabled then any player can access their locker if they haven't set a pin.
[*] Modified that PetExtraMin/MaxDamage can no longer be modified in config.ini but each pet can have their own unique extra damage setup in pets.ini now.

EOSource 6.3 release
Posted by hollow - 04/03/14 04:12PM - 1 Comments - 1/52/53/54/55/5
EOSource 6.3 has been released! Download: Click Me

[+] Added MaxPetLevel
[+] Added giftbox1.ini
[+] Added giftbox2.ini
[+] Command scripting check Rebirth();
[+] Command scripting check Gender();
[+] Command scripting check FishingLevel();
[+] Command scripting check MiningLevel();
[+] Command scripting check WoodcuttingLevel();
[+] Command scripting check CookingLevel();
[-] Optional fail arguments in command scripting are removed and hardcoded (shows more details)
[+] Command scripting call Reset();
[+] Command scripting call SetName();
[+] Command scripting call GiveRebirth();
[+] Command scripting call ServerMessage();
[+] Command scripting call SetLevel();
[+] Command scripting call SetEXP();
[+] Command scripting call KickPlayer();
[+] Command scripting call OpenLocker();
[/] Fixed check Stripped();
[/] Fixed call ShowHint();
[/] Fixed quest crashes
[/] Fixed quest book
[/] Fixed PKRate
[/] Fixed devil gate which became unresponsive after a while.
[/] Fixed that admins can no longer use the admin prefix for player commands.
[/] Fixed stats that didn't update after changing your class.
[*] ReachLevel achievement also works with $setexp and such now.

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