EOSource 6.2 release
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Download: Click Me

I just released EOSource 6.1 recently but this version contains some fixes I didn't want you guys to wait for as they seem pretty important to me. Enjoy this release!

New updates in this release:

[/] Fixed pet crash bug
[/] Fixed $warp command
[/] Fixed $dress command
[/] Fixed $undress command
[/] Fixed Cooking
[+] Updated to EOSERV REV 425

EOSource 6.1 release
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EOSource 6.1 has been released! Download it here: Click Me

[/] Fixed top 10 player boards, not displaying title, home, guilds etc
[/] Fixed message at #warp which kept telling you do not meet the requirements even if you do.
[/] Fixed #warp bug where it said you didn't meet the required level after you have reborn.
[/] Fixed command syntax errors saying you need more/less parameters.
[/] Fixed cooking level/exp not saving.
[/] Fixed the ReachLevel achievement.
[*] Updated Language files.
[+] Added quest rule: IsNaked()
[+] Added quest rule: IsRebirth(level).
[+] Added a server message when attempting to cook an uncookable item.
[+] Added ExceptID = 133,2,97,24 in warps.ini to prevent people from warping on certain maps.
[+] Added pins for lockers, this is disabled on default and can be enabled in config.ini
- #openlocker <pin>
- #setlockerpin <pin>
Updated to EOSERV REV 424, modifications made:
[+] Added that Player reports now get saved in the database, this can be disabled in the config.ini
[+] Added that in shops.ini, skills.ini and home.ini you can now choose whether you use the vendor or NPC ids.
[+] Added $dress command, which wears an item cosmetically over whatever is underneath
[+] Added $repub quiet command which doesn't show a server message.
Config.ini options added:
[+] ReportChatLogSize
[+] LogReports
[+] TradeAddQuantity
[+] GuildDisbandRank
[+] MaxLoginAttempts
[+] PacketQueueMax
[+] PingRate
[+] EnforceSequence
[+] EnforceTimestamps
[+] EnforceSessions
[*] ChatMaxWidth is now set to 1400 in extras.ini
Note: Do not simply replace the configuration files with your old ones! Carefuly look for differences.

EOSource 6.0 Release
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EOSource 6.0 has been released with the following fixes and updates:

EOSource 6.0 Changes:

[/] Fixed EOSource SLN not checking in every 5 minutes
[/] Fixed a possible trade crash bug
[/] Fixed $setexp command


Download Link: Click Here

EOSource Website Template Reverted
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The EOSource website template has been reverted back to the original template design that resembles EOSources father "EOSERV" due to an un-godly amount of reasons.

Please comment and enjoy a blast from the past.

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